Caveman Vanilla - Server Ruleset

Thinking of getting a server Friday and making the rule-set - Caveman Vanilla. No access to military weapons. C4 only through drops(No recipe). Is this kind of thing possible? Possibly lowering the spawn rate of resources to make people have to work harder for them (thereby being out more and then more chances for conflict).

Yes it is i know a server that made it so you cant find guns in crate and only in drops.

You can edit loot and crafting tables with mods. I used Oxide to make a “rare” (no craft) military/C4 server. It was fun at first - but once a large team does a bit of raiding they end up with every gun on the map, and its hard to get back on your feet. You have to realize that without using metal fragments to make any of the weapons, there is going to be a lot more metal bases. And with C4 being rare, it quickly becomes a stalemate. Bases become unraidable because you can build faster than you can farm C4. You could disable metal parts, but if you alter the loot tables too much, everything loses rarity. Just some thoughts. I went back to vanilla because Oxide seems to have some leaks in it, causing servers to run like shit.

Very good points. Pros and cons weigh heavy on editing drop rates.

Can you edit resource spawn rates?

I’ll never understand the point of “c4 only from airdrops”. By the time you have any amount of c4 acquired, the bases would be so big as to render all your c4 useless.

Mostly because it’s too easy to create C4 once you get it.

^ This is only true if you have a large group or are on a lower populated server. If you are only 1 or 2 people playing on a 50-200 pop server on mainstream hours, grinding up the resources to make 10-15 c4 takes a little while, unless you are spending 8+ hours a day.

C4 only comes easy for the power gamers or groups that have excessive amounts of time to put into the game.

Out of the 3 servers I’ve found. I’ve always found someone in the area of a rad town camping new people with BARs and blowing up all the bases they could get to with C4. Even 1 foundation homes.