Caves and map.

I was just wondering how many people think that caves would be a good addition to rust. I would love caves in rust because they would be the place everyone wants to build in but also the place everyone wants to raid. You could also have ores spawn down there and maybe even a cave with radiation inside. I have already posted this once or twice but really want caves in rust. I would also want these caves on a new map maybe???-Jungle map with huge canopies and lots of bushes would be awesome.Post below what you think the map should be like. (EDIT)-The jungle would could also home animals like tigers and monkeys.

I like it, great Idea.

I think that the map should be diverse with different types of biomes (rocky, snowy, hot, cold, etc.), caves are also a good idea, it will bring smth new into gameplay

I did a little exploring today, wanted to go on top of Everst, I grabbed some screenshots while I was up there. What I will say is this, I love this idea, but there is no reason for a new map. I mean, look at the size of that land! I’d much rather see them intergrate new biomes into the map they already have. I don’t see why we couldn’t eventually have a jungle biome on the other side of everst near the ocean, or a spralling desert behind everst, and a snow/cold biome near the base and on everst.

I’d also love to see different weather effects hit you in both positive and negative ways. For example, in a snow biome, being without clothes at night could do damage and kill you for having a low body tempture, nothing a fireplace, or just wearing clothes couldn’t fix. Or in a desert biome, having the extra heat burn calories faster forcing you to eat much more. I’d love to see more enviromental effects on the player.

This would be a great idea but, we would need for the system of buying servers to be gone. We cant have a server with 30 ppl and heaps and heaps of room. Try finding people on a server with 30 people with this map. We would need at least 500 people if the whole map was used.

People should be able to make their own maps and use them on their own servers.

The devs probably wont be able to give ppl access to things like that for a long while. And if they can CAN I PLS HAVE ACCESS

Both already suggested on other thread.