Caves and the issue of decay

In legacy I always built my houses as close to rock as possible to get a safer side. If anyone wanted to get my stuff he had to bomb all the way through my house to the part they could not reach from outside (if they did not glitch into the rock and blow up the one wall on the backside).

With caves now we could build hobbit-like houses or even put an entire house in front of the cave so you have to go through the entire house to enter. But as I once noticed with a sack of precious stuff I hid in a bush behind my house: decay is a sonofafemaledog…
I seem to recall they even added that boxes outside a house will decay even if you open and close them daily (not 100% sure about that one though)

Decaytimer got reset for all items that are connected to a foundation that got updated by adding structure or opening/closing a door. So will everything in my homely cave decay because it touches the ground?

A workaround would be that by putting a doorway at the entrance of the cave it would become a “house” with the same rules for decay.

But I am not sure if a cave counts as a placed object or is a second layer on top of the terrainlayer the map is made of.

i have no idea how decay will function in experimental branch, but with the new caves i’d expect that some kind of more relevent system will be introduced…

I’m pretty sure that each type of item (raw meat, cooked meat, wood parts, metal parts, cloth, leather, stone tools, metal tools, etc.) will have their own decay rate and distance determined render quality. (like the new trees) MAYBE, If they’re in a container they last longer, and when you either pick up the “bag” or go to the “crate”, you can respectively take it to a repair bench or repair it with the appropriate materials. Something like that.

And I don’t see why all of that wouldn’t be mod-able per individual server in the future.

Maybe I’m too optimistic.

I don’t know if it’s in yet, but Garry mentioned something about being able to build on rocks in the new version. If the old decay rules don’t get changed much, you could always build some foundations inside the cave for putting containers on.