cb_conblocks - Simple in-game level editor

Fourth video and beta 2 released:

(Video quality is really bad, but I hope you can see what’s going on)

Beta 2:

Now, I want you to recommend some blocks.
Build around and see what blocks are needed.

Also, all builders are yellow, simply because I am too lazy to retexture for a beta release.

Download cb_conblocks_beta (13.37 MB :v:)
Download cb_conblocks_beta2 (14.50 MB)

I’m working on a level editor similar to that russian portal level editor.
I’m done with the basics, now I need to add more blocks and features.

Blocks currently in the ConBlock beta:

  • A full block
  • A slanted block
  • A pillar
  • Walls (128, 16)
  • A wall corner
  • Thin floor
  • Indoor stairs
  • Door hole
  • Wall with window
  • Roof block
  • Roof inside corner
  • Curved corners
  • Teleporters
  • 13 Terrain blocks
  • 9 Road blocks

Here’s the first video of the map: (Might be hard to see what’s going on. The quality is really bad)


Here’s the second video of the map:

(The video is in double speed)

Third video, teleporters and roof corners:

I’d like to know what you want to see in this map!
It could be anything, as long as it isn’t too hard to make :wink:

ToDo list: (An exclamation mark means I’m working on it right now)*

  • Add more blocks:
    –> Fence
    –> Wall inside corner
    –> Better textures, I could need some help here, what textures do you think would be best?
  • Add a FAQ at the start… :rolleye:
  • Better soundscape
  • Make all textures $nodecal

Wow, and that’s all done with hammer?

Yeah :slight_smile:
You don’t even need Gmod, I recorded that in HL2 Ep2

Awesome- next, add skybox and textures. the orange dev materials make my eyes hurt

I really like this. Although I think you should create a small panel or something on that editor to change the brush it will create, cause shooting those small symbols looks like it could turn into a pain in the ass.

Already planned! :wink:
I’m probably going to add more features and blocks before I start making the map look prettier.


Yeah, I’m thinking of doing that.
Have a panel with all the blocks.
The problem though is that you have to carry it around.
Don’t know how to solve that.

How are you doing this? Is the main “unit” a tracktrain or something? How are you moving it all along like that?

Amazing stuff!

Func_doors and a dynamic movement hierarchy
I have yet to make the movement safer.
Right now, if you shoot an arrow while it’s still moving, it will get off grid.

Very cool, can’t wait to see where you go with this.

Remove the solidity of the arrows while the grid is in motion?

It’s not possible to remove the solidity of a func_button as far as I know.
I’ll have to get them blocked by some brushes with the block bullets texture

I can’t see a whole map made in this RIGHT NOW. I think that this is good for getting a level basis then adding detail in hammer. I also think this is good for letting players help each other (if this works online that is.) I wouldn’t mind using this for getting certain places built. The only real problem I am wondering about… since you can only create a certain size and so have to create bigger things out of a ton of stuff instead of one… wouldn’t that create more performance issues?

Looks good though keep up the work, hopefully when the new sdk tools are FULLY done we can quickly edit, test, and compile them without having to swap around different programs.

You’ll never be able to make a full, proper map in this, I’m afraid.
It’s impossible to make a block for everything you might want.
It’s mainly for messing around and have fun.
Make small dueling levels etc.
And yes, it’s really bad performance wise if you make a huge block.
But you don’t need to fill it :slight_smile:

Just lock the button while it is moving.

Tried that, it didn’t work.
No idea why really :confused:
Trying to fix it at the moment

Well, either way I think this could easily help us design base structures/somewhat detailed buildings (bump mapping could add the last touches) for maps. Even if we have to load each one seperately in hammer.
Is there a way to export it in hammer or do we have to save the map and decompile it?
Also, does this work in multiplayer?

It should work in multiplayer, that’s what I’m designing it for.
And I think Gmod has a feature to export everything to Hammer, but the blocks are all func_brush, which you shouldn’t make walls out of if you make a proper map.
But yeah, you could use this to get the main layout of a map :slight_smile:

I have an idea to make this easier. Use custom models, so it’s simpler, and can be more detailed, unless you want to the models to be blocks, but you can make parts, like the timesplitters fp editor, that the pieces fit perfectly and are detailed.

Well I hope this doesn’t die this looks great. I could finally get people to help me with basic stuff.
I actually thing we could make the detail to we would just have to optimize the map a bit. The pillar you made in the building reminded me of a cathedral or something complex.


Well if we do this in gmod we can probably get props into it and just convert it to hammer and detail the last part.

I don’t have much experience modeling.
I prefer to make everything in hammer :slight_smile:
Besides, I want to have a simple style of the blocks.
It’ll be alot better performance wise