(CBH's Trains) 1869 Oil Tanker Rail-Car

It was just a week ago I posted my 4-4-0 locomotive, however out of my 13 past mods i’ve made, I only had 1 scripted car with coupling script in it. That and the 4-4-0 was the oldest locomotive I had done yet, so it needed a car to connect to badly. I found this old picture of a 1869 UTLX tanker car, only able to find 3, I did a quick job of modeling it. And scripting it.


This is a small vehicle mod. It adds a 1869 style tanker car to GMod. It has workign animations, but it is rather simple.
The tanker car is rather light, both so it works better in gmod and because it was light IRL.

E - Couple cars, you must look at the link and pins to couple them together, and they must be close. They also couple with my mods:
Class 37
Class 08
BRMK1 SO Coach
4-4-0 American.


A working railcar
Coupling system
Ability to remove tank through bodygroup.






Soon I will add traveling sounds, like my BRmk1 SO coach has.
Download Link here: