[CBS]Cole's Build Server


What is [CBS]Cole’s Build Server?
Cole’s Build Server is a creative and fun build server owned and operated by Cole Stiverson. Cole’s Build Server provides a fun and safe experience for all builders, posers, and newbies to Garry’s Mod looking for some knowledge on anything and everything.

What can I expect from [CBS]Cole’s Build Server?
Cole’s Build Server strives on staying as up to date as possible on everything from new Garry’s Mod updates to the newest, coolest tools and addons.

What can I expect from the admins on Cole’s Build Server?
Admins on Cole’s Build Server are hand picked based mainly on maturity level to keep the peace on the server, and are also picked based off the build skills they possess to provide not only a fun build environment but also a friend learning experience.

How can I find [CBS]Cole’s Build Server?
The current IP for Cole’s Build Server is

Do I need anything to join Cole’s Build Server?
Yes. The first thing you will need is respect. All admins on Cole’s Build Server treat our members with the utmost respect and patience. The second thing you will need is a few basic addons to make sure you can see everyone’s creations and not a bunch of annoying error signs. The following addons are needed in order to function properly on Cole’s Build Server:
-PHX3 [updated version]
-Wire extras

All other addons on Cole’s Build Server are downloaded directly from the server.

So come on by, learn and thing or two and most importantly…Have a fun, enjoyable time!

Nice advertisement. I might join once I have time.

Thanks. We try hard to make sure our users are satisfied, in moderation of course.

Hi Cole XD