Cbuf_AddText: buffer overflow Crashing Random Clients

So I am completely lost and have researched this for hours with no leads, so hopefully someone has some ideas. 5% of people joining my server get this issue Cbuf_AddText: buffer overflow and I have no leads to what it could be. The error gets spammed in console causing a Lua panic: Not enough memory mainly because of a memory leak i’m sure. I have tried everything to fix this cleared out every file and even reset the server entirely no dice. I have removed Lua files on a test server that I though had caused the issue and fixed it, but when put back to the state before when they where crashing they don’t crash anymore. So I am at a loss, I have looked everywhere online to see what could be causing the issue with no leads, from what it looks like no one else has had this issue. It crashes clients every once and awhile and once they have it they can not join the server any more. If anyone can give me a little idea about what could be causing it that would help a lot I have tried everything.

Your post is unclear – does this happen with no addons?

Yes, when you remove the addons it goes away and the person can load in. Only issue is that when you put them back to the way it was before you removed the addon they can still load in. So it does not show that the addons where the problem. It just shows that the addons had something to do with it.