[CC] Concrete Carnage - GMOD+Minecraft Community!


Hello! Concrete Carnage is a recently ** Restarted ** gmod community, which now also has minecraft!

Our main features for gmod is our Brand new TTT server and our underdevelopment OpenAura HL2RP

We are a nice community with respectable members and a smart staff that isnt ran by 10 yearolds!

Our forums is located at www.concretecarnage.proboards.com
We have a 25 slot ventrillo


Our TTT Server is 28 Slots and is fairly new so its not that populated yet so come by and help populate it at


Our Minecraft 24/7 PVP Server is getting pretty popular in the Minecraft section, its ip is 

Minecraft Thread - http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1063675-Concrete-Carnage-SMP-24-7-PVP-NO-WHITELIST

Like i said our HL2RP is still under development

So stop by our forums or ventrillo and hang out!

-snip- Found help.

Doesn’t the purchased versions of OpenAura get 24/7 live support?

Yeah i got help now, didnt see that.