[CC] Concrete Carnage - Load Out


Concrete Carnage Presents - Load Out

All right guys, me and my good friend MegaJohnny are developing a new game mode for GMOD called Concrete Carnage.

But Cow what is this Magical Load Out?

All right, calm down. Load Out is this Team Based Game mode which in the initial release will contain the Team Death match.

So What makes it so special?

Well it will have brand new custom maps for it and two a brand new hud.
How the game mode is played is that every kill you get you will receive some money, this money then can then be spent on Regular Guns, which when bought can be chose to be used when you spawn in you’re inventory tab.

You may spawn with One Sidearm, One Main, One Melee and one Miscellaneous.

After every round win, may that be 60 team kills or 3 flag captures the game will then switch game modes and choose a random map.

For each team that wins they receive 1000 cash and 1 C-Coin(concrete coin)
These baby’s are used to buy Premium weapons, Which are “unique items” for each category.

For example, In the pistol menu, you may choose to buy the Premium weapon called the Critical Annihilation. This pistol is a 3 shot burst, these bullets do little damage, less then the starting side arm you receive. The cool thing about it is that there is a Percentage chance that all 3 of the bullets from the burst will EXPLODE on impact causing ultimate annihilation to any nearby enemies.

Now how cool is that?

But wait there is more.

Also, in the bottom of you’re HUD is the Stamina bar which is for sprint the default ability but you may also choose in you’re inventory what ability to replace that with on spawn, which of course you buy with C-Coins. Lets say you don’t want to be fast but a bit stealthy and go hunting with a melee weapon, well replace it with the cloak and activate it.

Now with all that put aside, here is some more unique things.

Team based call signs. Lets say your sniping and a player runs in front of you’re crosshair your about to shoot and give away your position but you notice a Red triangle over the person’s model. You’re on red, hes one red you didn’t miss fire.

From any distance you can see ally’s respected color triangles over their head and close up enemies as well. But for friendlys close up you also notice their Current Health and Armor.


We currently have a 30 slot server, 2 maps, a fourm+vent. We are constantly adding new weapons and maps now that we have a working game.

www.concretecarnage.com (has vent info)

Server info


Screen Shots on one of our maps.