CC Needed

I’ve been trying to pose for Garry’s Mod for a long time now, but all of my pictures seem to just turn out, not the way I wanted them to. Some Constructive Criticism would be appreciated. Thanks.

" 11-99 On The Roof! " By Diggysean

" Disobedience " By Diggysean

…you didn’t even hide the physgun?


wow jacknife is maaaaaaaaad

I think he just wants CC to improve stuff like posing, so he can make a good image which he can proundly flaunt. I think these are just samples of what he usually produces and is asking what can he do to improve it.

Yes, I know, It’s just an example.

the cop in the first one is stiff as hell and holds the gun awkwardly and the administrator’s right leg should be bent a bit IMO, but the posing on the rebel is rather good

You should have posted here