CC0 Assets for Source 2

hey guys

Lately I’ve taken a break from making maps and decided to try my hand at making custom material. At the moment I’ve only created 2 sets of subway station wall tiles but i like the way they turned out, so i decided to showcase them here.

subway_tile001a and subway_tile001b

subwaytile001a subwaytile001b

subway_tile002a and subway_tile002b

subwaytile002a subwaytile002b
One has a mosaic look to the tiles while the other one has 1 colour throughout. Made another version of them just in case i needed a more dirty look to the tiles, with barely any reflective gloss to it

Additional Renders

They are also Tintable!!!

And I’m not finished just yet

I’ve also created a blend texture to make it a bit more convenient

subwaytile001a_to_subwaytile002a subwaytile001b_to_subwaytile002b
Blending the textures in the editor gave it more of a wet look (pics in the Additional Renders dropdown), so the opacity needs to be lowered, the good thing was that it wasn’t too hard to set them up tbh

Additional Renders

A suprise to those who stuck to the end

I’ve provided a download to these materials below to use in your projects, one for the .vtex and the other the original 4K PBR. For the .vtex you just drop the Subway folder in your Half-Life Alyx/game/your_addons/materials folder and you will be able to use them, please DM if you guys have any troubles with installing them.

One more thing before I go, I made these materials using CC0 textures from Texture Haven and CC0textures, so i will also be classifying these materials I made as CC0, you guys can use them or re-edit them however you see fit, you don’t even need to provide me any credit (although it would be nice :blush:). I can’t wait to see what you guys make and hopefully I can make more materials because it was actually fun making them.


How did you get the coloring to work? Is it a feature specific to a single shader?

Because it looks pretty awesome!!!


For the shader i used the VR Complex and enabled the tint mask option, I then used the roughness material as the tint mask. There’re other shader options in the material editor that allow you to enable tint on but i used VR complex to enable other options such as the specular.


Oh hell yeah, just what i needed :smiley:


They look more like pool tiles to me.


:joy::joy::joy: they do too


I know this is relatively simple but, I love it. Thanks for uploading them!


What program do you use to make those textures :monkey:


I use a program called Quixel Mixer. It’s a free to use texturing program


Thanks, Will try it latter for my maps


Currently creating another tile set

I’m not sure about the indented and the extruded tiles, also i feel like this texture is missing something to it, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Make mised tiles smaller like 1-3/4,
4/4 looks weird


demn dude, looks sick :smiley: can you make somes versions with more dirt or have a more apocalyps feeling on them please ? I’ll surely use thoses ^^


my files got corrupted, I’m gonna take a break from texturing and try again another day


Oh man, sorry to hear that. Your work so far has been superb, so I hope you’re able to chin up and find inspiration again in the future to make more awesome stuff.


Thanks man, I really needed that :blush:


Oh, I love these!


damn this looks spectacular!


Howdy Everyone got more CC0 Subway Tiles for ya

so I ended up making another tile set for everyone. It was faster to make compared to the set that got corrupted but more of a pain to get it to work, since i decided to make the tiles myself instead of using a already made tile set. I also made it 2K resolution instead of 4K to make it easier on my PC to create the textures and not coming close to running out of memory in the material editor, also funnily enough my GPU crashed twice during the process (I may need to upgrade :grimacing:), i ended up learning a lot more and I’m gonna try things a bit different next time, I’ve only started to learn about how textures work a week ago. But enough of my rumblings take a look at the new textures.

subwaytile003, 004a, 004b, 004c

hlvr_zETCLHfX4v hlvr_Lf1kb6RofZ

hlvr_cvyeCW4K2u hlvr_EGcgwKZsZl

The only one that is tintable is 003, mainly because for this set I used the parallax occlusion shader, instead of the VR complex shader to add in the displacement map into the material.

But I did make another set that is tintable accross all textures which is also a blend material too.

Blend Materials


hlvr_SruWKXgL2B hlvr_48VoTgmiQa

These blends make it a lot more easier to add in missing tiles. I wasn’t able to include all 3 blends into a single material, even though Alyx has a shader that supports multi-blend materials, I couldn’t get it to display.

I’ve provided a download to the materials below. all you have to do is add the subway folder to Half-Life Alyx/game/your_addons/materials, if you have a subway folder just add the contents into it (note: for those with s&box, you’ll have to add the materials manually, since the vtex files are for Half-Life Alyx, thought I’d future proof by saying that).

The VTEX files

The 2K Originals, just in case you wanna add it yourself or edit them.

Just some stuff i wanna talk about

First of all, I’m going to start making other materials that aren’t related to a subway theme just so i can practice making other stuff. I’m also going to learn how to 3D model, so you guys are gonna see more content here, might take a while to post any models though. Second, I’m going to rename the thread to “CC0 content for Source 2” soon, if I’m allowed to change the name that is.


The materials were created from textures from Texture Haven and CC0textures and a huge thanks to @itsmeaddof123 for giving me the motivation to continue working on.


Woohoo! I’m loving the new look. The progression of the deterioration across the different versions of the tiles is pretty cool. I can imagine someone making a kind of horror map that starts off as a nice, clean subway station but turns more decayed further down the line.