CCS and HL2 Content on NFOservers

i know this is probably a stupid question but i just wanted to make sure, is it illegal to put these contents on a NFOserver?

Aren’t they already able for mount? I mean, you can run darkrp/css/ttt maps there

Please stop replying to threads you have no clue about.
He wouldn’t ask if it’s illegal to install it if he had a button saying “Install css content” or had the content already installed.

Your best bet is to ask support if they’ll install the missing content for you.
I used gtsservers before they went down the hill (or down in general) and their support installed all the neccesary content after I asked them.

It’s already mounted by default.

Then why is he asking about it?
Is he trying to get NFOservers sued or something lol?

  "cstrike"          "../gmodbase/cstrike"
  "dod"              "../gmodbase/dod"
  "tf"               "../gmodbase/tf"
  "hl2mp"            "../gmodbase/hl2mp"
//  "zps"              "../sourcebase/orangebox/zps"
//  "pvkii"            "../sourcebase/orangebox/pvkii"
//  "dystopia"         "../sourcebase/orangebox/dystopia"
//  "ageofchivalry"    "../sourcebase/orangebox/ageofchivalry"
//  "insurgency"       "../sourcebase/insurgency"
  "ep2"              "ep2"
  "episodic"         "episodic"
  "lostcoast"        "lostcoast"
  "hl1"              "hl1"
  "hl1mp"            "hl1mp"
  "zeno_clash"       "zeno_clash"
  "portal"           "portal"
  "diprip"           "diprip"
  "left4dead2"       "left4dead2"
  "left4dead"        "left4dead"
  "portal2"          "portal2"
  "swarm"            "swarm"
  "nucleardawn"      "nucleardawn"
  "dinodday"         "dinodday"
  "csgo"             "csgo"

From my nfoservers mount.cfg

Why mount all those games? It just causes extra lag.

It’s just what NFO does by default, probably so they don’t get a bunch of tickets asking about them.

As for having them all mounted, it’s on my 6 slot dev environment, so…meh. Public server is trimmed to css, hl2 and tf2, lol.

6 slot dev environment? What?

im not trying to get anyone into trouble. i was just curious because im looking to get a servers from NFO.Im still pretty new to this whole garrys mod server thing so im just taking precautions. how else will you know if you dont ask? but thanx everyone for your feed back

Job are you meaning for FastDL for your users to download?

And you only need the models (Not sure if you can take only the .mdl and the .phy)

I have a random 6 slot passworded server at NFO that I use for random shit/ideas/testing things, because my computer is shit - and it’s like 10 bucks every 3 months.