CCTV System Help!

Hello, I’m mapping my school and I want the staff room to have some complex CCTV system. I know its possible because I’ve seen it done before. Can someone tell me what I need to do!!! Also I’ve already made point_camera’s and func_monitors with the correct texture, I just need to know how to switch between cameras on one screen. I saw someone in outputs for a button for SetCamera but I don’t know how to use it! Thanks for anyone who helps me,

Matt J!


Last I saw some kid got arrested for mapping his school

Place a button down then go to the outputs on the button.
Press add and do
OnPressed|<func_monitor’s name>|SetCamera|<camera name>|<delay>

sorry already tried that, doesnt solve my problem

Read my post.

where you put <camera name> is that in the override?

type it like this

My output named: OnPressed

Target entites named: cctv

Via this input: SetCamera

With a parameter override of: sciencecam

After a delay in seconds of: 0

Fire once only: (yes, no)

Thats correct. Have fire once no

Oh and all that would be on a func_button?


oh i think i know what i got wrong!

i already had a camera active and i never had a function to turn it off and turn the camera i want on!

im gunna compile it and see it if works, standbY!



thanks firegod522