Cctv use to view game through app well afk

Ok im doing a app development course in less than a month and well playing rust I was happy enough to get a airdrop. In this airdrop I got another cctv camera. I thought how cool it will be to be able to watch your base well not being there.

What I propose is a app that connects to your steam account and in some way makes it able for you to watch your base from a app well afk.

I’ve thought this yes, rust app watch wherever you have a cctv pointed.doing the dishes? Drop that ****because ppl are robbing you son. Sorry boss I gtg I’m getting raided… Love it make cctv craftable? Expensive or a different camera type that will send visuals to your laptop could also sit in your base and watch the goings on

“San Diego motorist kills 15 while watching his base get raided while on the 15.”

Seems like a grand idea.

wrote the same idea for 2 weeks :slight_smile:

This has been suggested countless number of times before. Besides that, how much stress would be put on the server if it is trying to host an already unstable game for hundreds of people and do live data streaming from multiple sources at once.

I use Unity (the game engine that rust uses) a lot, so I have some experience in it. This app would have to essentially place a camera with the same position and orientation as the actual game object. It would then have to stream whatever it’s “seeing” to all users that have permission. This means that if it is a really large clan (+10 people) it would have to be streaming to all of those people. Take this and put multiple cameras in many bases across the server.

In a logistical point of view, if someone where to have the time to look at 10 people with rockets and C4 waltzing over to their house and they couldn’t get back to their computer, what could they do? If someone where online, they would already be able to notice the explosions outside.

I don’t intend to be salty or mean, I just wanted to give some criticism.

And what if players shot the cameras off your base?

or perhaps not a live feed but a camera screenshot that takes a picture?