BIG thanks to TheMask, who inspired me to make this!

what exactly are we looking at

I have no idea what I’m looking at

but I’ll give it an artistic anyway.

Well gentlemen, it’s a Ceadeus.
Huge fan of Monster Hunter, always great to see these kind of pics.
Good work, however; the fish you added in are riddled with jpeg artifacts. Looks good otherwise.

Think I should do a .png next time? The only problem is that Garry’s Mod saves screenshots as .jpgs…

devshots_screenshot gives you a lossless TGA that you can convert to a max-quality JPEG

alternatively you can use the “poster” command which gives you PNGs; putting in “poster 1” should work

Thanks. Love your editing work, by the way.

eh thanks i guess

Just go into your console and put in Jpeg_quality 200.

You really nailed the underwater setting.