CEDA guys walking in a dead street (surprise inside)



(no editing)

Oh… and I’m sure you’re wondering what’s the surprise?
You’re better hold your panties guys… try not to jerk off :

NICE. Thanks a bunch for this. No Mercy here comes the poses:)

Well, the surprise is off right now. :v:
Thanks rasti.

Really nice pic, like the atmosphere

Last time I tried to install a l4d map it caused GMod to crash whenever a map was loaded.

Well, unless Garry ports Gmod to the L4D engine (wich will imo, never happen), the only way to get them is to take risks. :-/
It’s pretty random, works for some guys, won’t for some others… unfortunatly there’s nothing we can do about it.

Just a protip for those wanting to try and install them : install the L4D models in an Addon format! Create a folder in the Addons folder, copy and paste an info.txt you took from an already existing addon in your new folder… and voila. Now just install the models in the folder you just created!

Garry stated that it wasn’t simply worth it, so no it will never happen.

Rate me bad spelling you filthy grammar whores.

Here goes the Bad Spelling fuckers again.
Seriously, we need that old rating system back. Being anonymous make the kids think they’re powerful.

Agree. It is tempting to believe that people who rate bad spelling instead of focusing on the picture is a obsessive wanna be linguistic who hate them selves and needs to be an ass about it:)

But we are talking honest mistakes, not this following example I read somewhere.

< kate> wat r u doin ryt now
< Patrick`> Trying not to hunt you down and beat you into a pulp with a dictionary.

I love that one:)


This one worked fine in the apartments. Out in the streets however the textures goes high wire.
The airport worked perfectly though. Again a big thanks to the creators.

To whoever it may concern. I don’t bloody care if I am “late”, so can it.

The surprise is back! :v: