CEDA Infected - By Passalaqua.j2


i think i’ve seen antianan posted it on facepunch

its been posted before.

So you released someone’s work without permission? And they’ve already released it here?

Sorry i didn’t know, please forgive me.

Not actually. First someone ported it, then i did this reskin of suit with face of a survivor.

I don’t think we belive you. And no. Stealing someone other’s work isn’t easily forgiven.

This kid needs to get off of here now :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see how it’s stealing if he’s not taking the credit for it?

And he doesn’t seem to know that it had been posted on facepunch before. So i would just leave him alone.

Why do I have to download the images?

And is this stolen?


He should say where he got it, though.

P.S., great avatar. :love:



The kid seems nice enough. Lay off him.

Who goes out of their way to post someone else’s work in a release section of a forum? It just doesn’t make sense.

Nice job. :downsbravo:


Could we forgot this and move on, I’m new here and i want to have a nice start.


Just snip the post.

Yea just edit the post and just put something like " -Snip- "