"CEDA lied." Human about to fully become infected


Nice love the lighting

love the lighting.

the lighting.


love the lightning


Yeah that ^

Loving the lighting, even though the picture isn’t loading for me.

Those are some really shiny pills.
I dont like the lighting. You can do much better than that.

It was done purely ingame right? :o (the lights)


Loving the lightning.
Loving the idea.

whats he doing to his leg

Very nice then, altho I’m jealous of you people with your fancy not-noisy shadows :stuck_out_tongue:

nothing, he’s just resting his arms on it.

haha, you just have to get a good angle.

Rather emotional and atmospheric. Nice work.

Lovely lighting.


Only just becoming infected?

Looking like all that i’d have expected him to be infected a while back.

Love the li-

Pretty neat pic. Good atmosphere.