CEDA Props

Hey, I know people reading this are gonna say i’m such a newb but I looked every where on Garry’s Mod Related Files and I can’t find any CEDA stuff from Left 4 Dead 2. I even tried searching here on the forums but an error occurs telling me that searching has been disabled. The only thing i managed to find so far was the infected CEDA men however i am also looking for props such as tents, CEDA trailers, Boomer Charts, and if possible posters.

Can anyone help me find these things please? :S

Search > gm_mount2
or in Lua section

search where? in the forums it tells me searching is disabled and in the garry’s mod downloads there’s nothing…

ok well i just did a google search of gm_mount2 and i got some kind of application, is this right?


ok so i installed the application, i followed everything and i got most of the things i want :smiley: however there are still a few little issues…

  1. the CEDA men are not colored correctly
  2. Are there CEDA men RAGDOLLS?
  3. no CEDA posters (but probably too difficult to do or impossible :P)
  4. finally i was wondering if anyone was able to get a proper CEDA trailer to work when opened, i would really like to be able to walk through it like in Left 4 Dead 2 but again this sounds like it may be to difficult so don’t worry about it too much but just let me know…

I know this sounds like a lot to be asking for but if people can let me know if these things do exist, where to get them or what to do; or if it’s too difficult to be done.


I dunno what CEDA means, is it abbreviated ?

CEDA is the Civil Emergency and Defense Agency in Left 4 Dead. L4D is another one of Valve’s game so I am trying to use that games props and models in Garry’s Mod. If you can help that would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

i have those stuff without usin gm_mount2 i just bought gmod then installed l4d2 l4d and there i go i have ceda props i can upload too

There is completely no reason for you to upload it and it would be considered warez anyway because people who don’t own L4D2 would download it.
Just use gm_mount 2

So i now am experiencing a new problem, Garry’s Mod crashes now when i use the new Left 4 Dead props. At first everything was fine and worked perfectly, now all of a sudden i try to add a prop and the game crashes. What’s wrong with it? did gm_mount2 do something to it?