CEDA Road Signs

Hey, has anyone been able to fined the road work signs that CEDA in Left 4 Dead 2? For example the one’s that say “CEDA EVAC” with a blinking pointed arrow or the “ROAD CLOSED” signs? I tried but i haven’t been able to get anything. Does anybody know where i can get them?

so i guess nobody can help with this?

They have to be in the folder, Look again?

I did, i searched under garry’s mod and nothing came up. i don’t think anybody created this files yet.

Get GCFscape (google it) and look in the L4D2 pak01_dir.vpk

You can port them yourself using this tutorial.

You won’t be able to extract the signs like you see them in l4d2, the model is only this:

The actual sign bit is part of the map.

Damn that’s really close to what i want. I want the sign to read the same stuff from l4d2. Oh well i guess you can’t get every single detail you want… thanks for your help everyone.

Use a wire text screen with yellow text