well, i didn’t know anything was indestructible apart from foundations… so now trolls aswell as accidental building… how am i supposed to remove ceilings i accidentally placed thus locking me out of an important part of my base i spent hours working on? really? its indestructible? not even 10 c4? how about the usless bases i see with countless ceilings?

what if i was to also mention my base is part of a community we planned on making a trading town with perhaps, as garry gave the idea, a hotel? so theres allways players around, thus it wont decay? this is a brilliant idea for ceilings.


destroy the wall and make way around of some sort,no other way

cant expand out, base is covered around with pillars leading to roof.

Are Ceiling indestructible.
That is the question.

so far around 5 - 8 c4 used… we where abundant in them…

I redirect you to “THE Official Destructable Objects Thread”


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ok, well thanks for the quick replys guys. and thanks to the post above for the link. :slight_smile: