Cel Shading Tool

Hello! I created this tool because I was missing these functionalities for some reason that I can’t remember. Anyway, currently it’s a good alternative to the unsupported Edge Glow Tool. Have fun.


Demonstration (**OLD ****OLD **OLD):

And here is the inspiration, a GMod 12 version of it:


  • 3 rendering modes: Sobel Post Processing, Garry’s Mod 12 Halos, Garry’s Mod 13 Halos;
  • Customize: sizes, shaking, colors, layers and textures;
  • Duplicator support;
  • Ragdoll/NPC support;
  • Partial “CTRL + Z” support;
  • Copy the effects with the right button;
  • Remove the effects with the R key;
  • Intelligent menus that only show what you need;
  • Has a general Reset button;
  • Doesn’t get on our way / bother;
  • Multiplayer support: blocks GMod 13 halos + admin options + hooks and checks.


Here is the repository:
[https://github.com/xalalau/GMod/tree/master/Cel Shading Tool](https://github.com/xalalau/GMod/tree/master/Cel Shading Tool)
Note that this tool is far away from being free of disgusting errors.
If you want to improve or fix something, go ahead and mess around.

Special thanks to testers HomemCamisinhaCósmico, Bomberman Maldito and Nick MBR!

Known problems

  • The rendering modes don’t always work;
  • GM 12 mode keeps rendering entities when players are out of the map / inside wall;
  • Because of the problem right above, entities in GM 12 mode become visible in the 3D Skybox;
  • Save support isn’t working properly;
  • It’s not possible to apply colors to Sobel mode;

TO-DO List

  1. Fully support the Undo list;
  2. Fix the Save support (it’s only loading the last modified entity);
  3. Test the last version online (Yes kkk I uploaded without doing this).

My other tools

Check it out:


Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791009548

Well, that’s it.

slick stencils!

Oh… Are you Bletotum? This one?

Thank you, master! :v:
This helped a lot.

yes :v:

Version 1.1:

  • Moved all the menus to Derma;
  • Restructured the options and theirs values;
  • Added “Enable ‘GMod 13 Halo’ For Players” option;
  • Added “Enable Cel Shading On Players” option;
  • Added “Apply Cel Shading On Yourself” option;
  • Added GMod 13 Halo “Passes” option;
  • Added GMod 12 Halo “Use two layers” option;
  • Added support for using more textures;
  • Fixed duplicator cleanup.

It’s better now, no more bad menus.


**English errors or stupid text? Please, let me know! My primary language is Portuguese.
Thank you.

Very cool.


Version 1.2:

Changed: better texts;
Changed: better coding;
Changed: minor interface rearranges for better usability;
Changed: keeps the window state on close;
Changed: the restart button does its job without closing the window;
Added: checkbox to enable GMod 13 halos additive rendering;
Added: checkbox to enable GMod 13 halos rendering through the map;
Added: option to disable GMod 12 halos second layer;
Added: GMod 12 halos second layer now is configurable like the first one;
Added: GMod 12 halos second layer now has a option to fallow the first layer shake;
Added: checkbox to make the textures automatically use the halos color;
Removed: strange math on GMod 13 halos code;
Fixed: the R key was not cleaning the color applied while in the Sobel mode;
Fixed: minor general stuff;
Fixed: several bugs on the right click of the mouse;
(maybe) Fixed: some convars are now correctely synced (but I didn’t test it)…