Celeste from Mirrors Edge for GM (Has anyone the Link)

Hello everyone.

I’ve downloaded a Celeste Model for Garrysmod some days ago on the Steam Workshop.
Sadly, the uploader has it removed from Workshop and so it is gone in my game, as well.
Has anyone a Link to a manual download site?

Thanks in advance,

check your addons folder
it should still be in there

even if it is still in the addons folder, it won’t work if the uploader removed it. which is really shitty imo. there needs to be a way to convert the addon file to the classic folder format so you can hurry up and save it in case the uploader removes it.

GMA Extractor
look it up somewhere on these forums

wow…so many addons that I could’ve saved…:smith:


About that, does anyone know why was it taken off the workshop?
And who is the original author, for that matter?

Thanks to Lubci I’ve saved my Celeste from dying :slight_smile:

I was looking for the author, as well and only found the model on Gamebanana.
Well, I found pictures of it. The model has been trashed because of “ported content” on this page.

Maybe this is also the reason why it was taken from the Workshop?

As far as I know, ported isn’t against gmod’s WS. Is it?
I think almost half of today’s Gmod’s WS is comprised of ported models XD
Gmod’s WS rules are

Or am I incorrect?