Cell phone and cell tower

I’m sure cell phones have been suggested before. A device that you can only find on zeds/loot spawns, lets you add contacts and communicate with people privately and through voice. Could also offer GPS, flashlight, and time telling functionality. Would bring the community closer together, encourages teaming up, etc. Batteries could also be added as an attachment placed on cell phones to refill their charge.

So cell phones would be neat, but they shouldn’t function so easily. It would be pretty damn cool if there was a tall, metal cell tower on some mountain, probably in the massive Everust mountain range (as seen on the following map).


The cell tower would be smack in the middle of a heavily irradiated, zombie infested and relatively loot-free zone. If you make it through the radiation and the zeds you have to climb the cell tower (I’m really hoping ladders will be added sometime soon) and then use X amount of low quality metal to repair a node at the top of the tower. Once the node is repaired, a light will come on or some audio cue will play and all cell phones will gain functionality. The node can be destroyed again by hitting it with a hatchet X times.

This would be like a miniature quest for players of all types. Bandits would want to destroy the cell tower so that the bambis don’t team up, bambis would want to repair the tower so that they can team up against the bandits. It would add a bit more fun to the end-game. I know that Rust is in alpha and needs a lot more fundamentals than something like this but its an idea. Thoughts?

It’s a cool thought, but something like that would need to have limited functionality so it doesnt become overpowered, and it should be a drop, not craftable (building a phone is one thing, programming one is another!)

I think HAM radios would be alot better.

This would be AWESOME! That isn’t portable, but it definitely screams “makeshift” and it would be really cool to communicate from your home to request backup or just have a chat! Of course this means open-wave communication, so people tuned in could also listen in, but that’s kinda a cool thought too!

Yep, no line would be 100% secure, it would be sick

That is so awesome, haha. My grandfather still does HAM radio, it used to fascinate me as a kid, and I still kinda wanna get into it, it’s realy a cool concept.

No teams would use it when they can just be in mumble, teamspeak, ventrilo, skype… but it would be cool to call out raids happening in hopes that a third force could come break it up.

This is a game mechanic, not a third party program, ventrilo or not, it is beside the point.

100% of any serious players use third party voice programs… rendering this mechanic a large waste of time in my opinion. Why would they use in game mechanic when outside programs can’t be spied upon?

Not everyone is a hardcore player and some dont have the system resources for more programs open. Therefore, it appeals at very least to those two audiences.

So they should make game mechanics for 2% of the playerbase? Focus on the non hardcore audience (in a hardcore game) and the person too cheap to upgrade his computer to properly play recent computer games… gotcha.

They should appeal to all gamers, in my opinion. I personally don’t like having other programs open when I am gaming, and would love to see this feature, if you don’t like it that’s fine.

It is not suppose to replace teamspeak/vent, it’s to create more immersion into the gameplay of the game.

Yeah, this too. Either way, I think it would fit nicely. Maybe when talking, there can be a light static audio effect if you aren’t tuned in correctly

Exactly, I have a top end PC, but I don’t want to be using 3rd party programs, and as the previous guys said, it’s all about immersion.

I have a high-end not quite top-end (don’t have my memory maxed, can have up to 64 gigs, I have 16,) and I am the same way, I tend to use in-game chat. That being said, I would love to talk in-game with a system like this, it is definitely all about immersion.

imo they should make it so if the game sees ts3client.exe or something like ventrillo.exe or skype.exe and/or detects a steam chat open then the game won’t turn on and give you a message saying “For immersion purposes, please shut down any running communication programs (Skype, Teamspeak, steamchat, etc)”.

This will give your idea more purpose, and cause a huge doorway for countless of imaginitive ways to communicate while fighting, like having codewords or handsignals that one could implement.

But then that makes issues for people who do use it. I say that it should, however, warn players that for immersion purposes it is RECOMMENDED that you turn off 3rd party chat programs. However, purposefully blocking it out would just upset people.

you should be able to text-pm each other - if someone has/is near a radio then you can receive/send pm’s

uhm if someone can run this game but not skype at the same time… then theres something REALLY wrong with their PC