Cell Phone Mod?

I run a roleplay server and I currently run the server with radius based voice chat and text that. Some of the players have expressed concern about not being able to use their mic to speak to everyone and since I rather like the radius based voice chat because it adds a little more to the roleplay. I know they can just use /ooc or /pm to talk to other people but they don’t always want to use the text chat. So what I’m asking is if there is like a cell phone addon that would allow you to use your voice chat to a specific person regardless of location sort of like a cell phone. I felt this would be a good compromise while still retaining the rp sort of feel. If not would anyone be willing to make one? I am no coder by far so I would have no idea if this would even be worth the time but I think it would be a very neat sort of idea.

This belongs in the lua coding section, no?

Also, cell phone scripts exist I believe…

If your using DarkRP one is built in.
It is used by typing /call namehere.

Simply use a /pm Function thats what I do.

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