CellMod - a DarkRP module


Seems like the newest Garrymod update managed to break CellMod somehow. I’ll fix it soon as possible, together with the 1.2 optimization update.

Give it one more day, or two :slight_smile:

(Weird… Automerge didn’t work…)

Just a suggestion. You should add Cell Towers/Reception Depots which can be added around the map for better reception.

Nice job, Blt950. This module looks great.

Its great to get suggestions, but this has already been listed on the to-do list.

Glad to hear, just make sure that… ‘Things’ can be added by contenders which can cause ‘things’ to happen. If you catch my drift. :wink:

I don’t fully understand what you mean. Try explaining it in a other way :slight_smile:

Well you should add something for contenders to disrupt other cell-towers frequency. Possibly even gut the componets so that the cell-tower becomes useless.

Interesting suggestion. It can make more war between the companies indeed… But how to make it not very abusive?

Not sure exactly… You could have it so the guy can fix it, but it would cost him some cash, but at the same time you would have to worry about someone just being a cunt, and breaking the same cell tower which provides support for customers in hard to reach areas.

You could have it so it takes X minutes so hack a tower. That should give the owner (possibly notified of the hacking) enough time to come and stop it from being completely hacked.

You could also have it so less expensive towers are easier/take less time to hack.
That should cause companies to buy better towers and place them in spots that make it harder to get to/find for the competitors.

Okey. The update is actually done.

I’m working on the last pieces to work, and test that everything works.
Then I will hopefully release it today :slight_smile:

You should make the towers get damaged.

You shoot them a couple dozen times and they get discolored, and lose some broadcasting range.

After a couple more shots, it ignites, and explodes.

The only problem is keeping it so some kids don’t decide “LOLSIGNALDESTRUCTION” and destroy the tower without reason.

Joey :smiley:
Did you see my quote in the video? xD

Why should everything in DarkRP explode when it breaks? :confused:

Update Released 1.2

Finally what you guys have been waiting for, a optimization update!
It’s now released and ready for download!

The most changes is how the script communicates with server, and clients with server and so on.
Mostly as just a player, you won’t see any new notice.
Only new thing I added this time was that company owner gets the money their client spents on calling or sending texts. That means you company owners finally earn money by that!

The update might given need areas that need optimization, and contain still areas I forgot. Notice me here if you find some! Also be aware of that you don’t have to edit main.lua anymore! I finally made the override function work, thanks to FPtje!

Have fun!


Also Blt, have you thought about adding this too Open Dark RP?

I definetly think this should be a feature inside DarkRP.

does this mod disable the pm function?