Celtic Gaming - A Star Wars Imperial Roleplay Server!

I won’t bore you with lies about how we’re packed with custom content or about how we’re 'quirky and unique we’re a star wars server just trying to do our thing and slowly build a decent and fun community, so why don’t you come and do our thing with us?

We are currently recruiting staff, CMDRs, and Game Masters


Sub-Division system - enabling us to have divisions within regiments & removing the need for a 50-page F4 menu

Mac’s NPCs - We have terminals and NPCs throughout the map to aid new players

No donator jobs/regiments - PAC3 is our only donator item as of the moment although we may have more non donator jobs in the future

ALCS - Although Inquisitors are heavily gated and will be picked from a small pool of active players down the line, we’ve got ALCS and felt the need to talk about it

Titlestore - Because everyone needs to show off their big dick energy somehow

Companions - Buy, paint, and name droids that follow you around the map and can aid you with certain things in battle