Ceneri's Gib (Non-implented concept)

** The Story **

While the rest of Garry’s Mod was at peace the world of roleplay had is conflicts against each other. DRP’ers and GRP’ers were seemingly always argueing about who was better and for what reason. Then on one faithful day it all came in a blast of lead. The RP’s both got tipped and were given server raiding tools. Sadly they didn’t stop on their own home grounds… In only three hours Garry’s Mod was engulfed in a real WOTS. The war would only last three days and it knocked out sixty eight precent of Garry’s Mod’s population. With the Gmod world in a wreck it became prime real estate for immigrating gamers. These new immigrants were about to find out the horror of a game left in gibs.

** Gameplay **

The gameplay is sort of like turf wars. You are sent out to capture flags and the more areas you conqure the more areas you can build in. The game mode also puts it where you play either GRT(Gmod Resistance Tribes) or HFA (Hellfire Armada).

** Who Is GRT? **

Gmod Resistance Tribes are a bunch of scatterd server tribes that are formed from military group war survivors. They are genreally seen as the nut jobs do to them still playing Garry’s Mod after it dwindles close to death. All though they are just small groups of guriellas they still have managed to kill many of Hellfire Armada through out Region 5 (RP servers).

** Who is HFA? **

Hellfire Armada is the new arrivals to Garry’s Mod who originally attended to take it over without a fight. Sadly they got a diffrent anserw during the Battle of Phenex. They are now orderd to take out any members of Gmod Reistance and take Garry’s Mod over so that their groups from CSS and DoD:S can repopulate it.

** What is Region 5? **

Region 5 or ‘Gold Mine’ is the wreckage of the PERP server. During the biggest battle of the WOTS, PE made an evacuation from the server and retreated to there GMP server in which they locked down and are still florushing in. Now the once beautiful Evo City map is populated by united DRP’ers and GRP’ers who wish to harrnase from it’s wastes and attempt to rebuild Garry’s Mod from there. The Hellfire Armada wishes to use it as an entry server which they can make a wormhole to the CSS and DoD:S servers so that players can live their in harmony.

Concept pictures?

Seem’s like a good idea.



I’m still working on it and I’m planning on making a few concept drawling of bothsides looks,flags,and the environment. I’m also trying to figure if I should add some sort of monsters like mingebags,insane admins,auto targetting turrets,and virus infected jeeps.