censor.nudity false Serverside?

Hey everyone, I’m trying to make censor.nudity false a serverside command rather than a clientside one. Is that possible?

oxide has a plugin to do this.

Haha! Thanks dude! I want to force my players to see those caveman weiners

make sure to mention that in your server name [DICK NOT OPTIONAL]

your player count will go through the roof.

Lol! Can someone link me with the name or link of the [strike]mod[/strike] I mean plugin?

Not trying to sound rude, but if you’ve never heard of Oxide, maybe you’re not ready to run your own server? To each his own though, it’s your money.

^ Yea you do sound kinda rude. lol. Everyone’s gotta start some-where

http://forum.rustoxide.com/ It’s there in Plugins.

~ C

:suicide: I meant the* plugin* for the mod, not Oxide bro.

What’s the plugin’s name??


There yar go.

~ C

They can still always turn it off client sided after they connect. What the plugin does is change censorship soon as you connect. (I haven’t tested this though)