Could anyone possibly code a word censor mod/addon?

Sure! Message me and we can talk out the details.

Steam: worlduser753

Infact, a simple censor addon is just a huge blacklist with either patterns or normal words.

Infact, I wrote something that automaticly fixes grammar and uses a grammar points system (similar to smartness).

This could be easily modified to censor I guess.

All you would have to do is string.Explode the chat message, check each part to with a massive blacklist table, then if it is bad, string.Replace it with a cleaner version, that is the value of the blacklist table.

string.Replace() is bad. It is a nono. Use string.gsub().

Not quite. string.gsub allows patterns or rather enforces them, string.Replace doesn’t use patterns.

ya, but I think he was talking in the sense that string.Replace is slower

Also, string.gsub imo works better.

What do you mean with “works better” it just functions as a non pattern replacer, since not everyone is familar with patterns this is quite a nice function.

For what I use it for mainly it just works better. :\ I used string.Replace and it broke everything. xD

There you go, no need to type up a big lua script this guy has done it all for you.