Hi! This message is going towards the devs of Rust and all of the community. I liked the censorship system in Rust Legacy alot! I want it back. I know alot of people are against it already but hey, you can have more options right? 1 option is censor just the dick, make the character wear pants, or no censor at all! If you could make an option system with that I would be so happy! I mean, I guess I can play but it wouldn’t be as fun cuz seriously I have family and if they see it Im so dead. Im sure 50% hate it and 50% want it. I don’t mean to be rude, but I think there is no reason to not make this option avaliable at all. If your read this, thanks! :slight_smile:

8===D Suck it up.

What I think he means is that you need to confront your family. Sit them down - all of them, and simply state… “Mom, Dad, I want to play a game with dicks, so do not judge me if you walk in my room and I am spearing some guys dick off. That man tried to break into my house with a rock.” - Problem solved. Your family should understand that the new building system in Rust is very fragile now. A mere penis with a rock can bring bring the house down, so that penis must be speared.

I heard there will be female player models down the road. I would prepare for that intervention with your family right now.

Lol I know they will add the option in. Come on Craig or Garry please do it. IT WILL HELP ME ALOT. and Same with the female players except that umm…they have ragged up clothes?

I do not know about ragged clothing, but they will have a** and t***.
(Censored them for you. Now pay me)

here you go, i’ll pay for him, " $ "

I don’t know why Garry don’t do this maybe every guys playing now the new Rust love to see dicks

I want to say I dont play that game anymore because he change everything all the stuff and the game is not finish and I dont like penis…

Being the equalist I am female characters should get the same nude treatment as males :quagmire:

Have you tried “global.censornudity true” without quotes in F1 “console”

It will not give pants on players, but it at least censor the snake between the legs.

whats wrong with watching a dick a vagina or boobs ? the hell is wrong with you people we are on the two thousands… its natural shit… not like all of you dont have a dick or a pussy ( or never seen one )

It keeps the little kids who aren’t allowed to look at a naked penis while they murder virtual people out.

As Rawhead said, you can toggle a mosaic blur.

I guess it’s good to have the option available, but young kids shouldn’t be playing this game anyway. It makes me sad for the human race when a 9 year old chases me around spamming me with obscene and racist language.

I AGREE WITH YOU… its their parents fault if they let kids play a game designed for " adults "

Haha, there should be a mod for ages 10 to 14 only. All the weenies and boobs would be blocked, blood would be green, cannibalism outlawed, and VAC banned for swearing.

everyone has an a**. they will have tand p*, just like we have a massive c***.

that will be 4 monies now please.

Even sadder when you see the same thing but from 30 year olds…

Ha. Yea, that’s true.

You just reminded me of my favourite “censor Rust” guy ever. I liked him so much I bought him a title.

He claims garry won’t be allowed to sell Rust at all on the Internet without submitting it to an ESRB-like ratings board and if he didn’t federal governments would first create (if they don’t have one already like China and Australia) internet blacklists and then put Rust on it. :v:

Elix, your undying love for FP and Garry annoy me, but if you really did that it makes my heart swell for your sense of humor.

I sure did. Click on his event log (



Best part? He blamed the title change on “admin”.