"Censur about to be executed." Military Cop Extracting Information From A Shifter.

This unfortunate Shifter was caught by RED-32,
Our most fierce unit.
The Shifter’s day was about to get a whole lot worse,
RED-32 would extract the information by any means possible,
Even if it ends in the death of this Shifter.

I may have copied Fussy! but he doesn’t mind I hope. :q:
Also Happy Birthday Fussy! :smiley:

Kinda neat, but the weapons he is holding doesn’t fit his armor.

Why is his face so blurred :o

Check this thread for a explanation:
Also thanks, Freeky! :smiley: I like it, yet the blur/censur isen’t strong enough.

Shadows look odd.

The blurring on his face looks really cheap, I just can’t tell why.