center base decay


just to report a bug

So yesterday everyone started building up theyr bases and such today people log in to notice the center of theyr bases have decayed… the outside is intact foundations walls etc, but anything on the inside is has decayed so all foundations gone and anything placed on them. I had already noticed that i could place and replace an unlimited amount of foundations “inside” of an already place foundation.

Alot of peopel had trouble placing sleeping bags in theyr homes “Can’t Place: Failed Check:IsinArea Sleeping-bag_leather_deployed sockets/free/inside” error
comfort around campfire didn’t work either.

This was on amsterdam 2 don’t know if other server also have this.

ps: Amsterdam 2 is a lagfest again 5+ minute delays, disappears from server list then comes back up when lag goes down, people log in and lag comes back and repeat.


We have the same sleeping bag problem on Texas.

I have also verified that I can place a foundation inside a foundation. After destroying one foundation the other is still there.

I haven’t run into my foundations decaying yet, maybe I’ll have a surprise when I log in later. :wink:

I hope you don’t get that surprise kinda sucks but we will deal with it but it has to be fixed first otherwise its no use to rebuild it if its gonna decay again, also the horrible lag on amsterdam 2 makes it unable to play anyway so :stuck_out_tongue:

I was able to find two triangle foundations that are still made out of twigs, and they are decaying. I have put a door with a lock right beside them to see if that helps (in case the door range was lowered in a recent patch). But I’ll still have to walk through that door often as the twigs decay quickly.