Center the profile picture


It makes me itchy

Oh I just noticed this, its only when its activated to show the menu

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We should keep it like that, it’s absolutely phenomenal just the way it is.
In fact, we should make it offset itself even more so it goes just to the very bottom of the circle just to make it even more obvious


I have the same issue but the offset is one pixel instead of 8 or however many are in the OP.

Weird. I would have never noticed.

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I zoomed out a little bit, I think it’s because they don’t get scaled properly:
The circle is 40x40 and the picture is 34x34, so they can be centered perfectly.
If you zoom out to 90%, now the circle is 36x36 but the picture is 30.6x30.6 which gets rounded to 31x31, now it is offset by 1.
Instead of drawing two circles it should be 1 circle with a white outline, but I don’t know HTML so don’t ask me.

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