[Central] Oxide|NoSleep|TeleportRequests|DoorShare

**Teleport Requests **(can teleport to other players upon their permission), Door Share (’/share player name’ to give another player permission to open doors you’ve placed), No Sleepers (Characters body will disappear once you’ve logged off {zero tolerance to combat logging}), Groups (Create a group with it’s own chat channel (/gcreate /ginvite /gaccept /gleave /g), Referrals (upon your joining, you’ll receive a gift {typically, building material or ammo} and if you a refer a friend to the server, you both will receive a gift) Frequent Air Drops (Air Drops will be called in frequently and lucky players will be flagged and given permission to call in the airdrops themselves) PvP (player versus player combat is allowed {griefing could get you /kill, /kick, or /ban}) New player friendly (fresh spawns and new players will be granted higher favor and at times be protected)

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))