Central US [Brand New] 01/17 - Oxide Mod/PVP/Sleepers

Central US server, Group PVP, Doorshare, Sleepers, Oxide, and Airdrops

High population server just wiped and made the transition to Oxide. Join and get yourself set up and geared before anyone else!

Freshly Updated, Returning regulars and new face meant lots of of PVP between opposing groups. Join up with them or get caught in the crossfire. Make friends or enemies, Your call.

Server settings are at VANILLA. No rush, or restrictions

Communicate with the admins, don’t feel like a unheard voice. Staff welcomes feedback and players to speak with them directly about any ideas or issues.

Happy Hunting.

Server Name: Central US [Brand New] 01/17 - Oxide Mod/PVP/Sleepers

For those curious, The server had been running on Vanilla since the 3rd of January. We don’t ever intend to have Wipes but it was required for Oxides full functionality. Unless another is REQUIRED by Rust game content, there will not be another wipe.

Main menu, Hit “F1″ and copy, paste, enter:


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four" - postal))