Central US SERVER?

Where did the lovely server go? I miss it so. Please bring it back and I will love you. Sorry I spent a large amount of the day gathering for that server even through the lag and bunches of issues. I just want to know when it’s coming back up.

It’s down and will probably get hit with another reset. It’s probably best just to avoid it until it stabilizes because this is what it has been doing since its initial launch.

Good to know you will be on the server Fuz. Hope to see you staying friendly like you were the first time I met you xD.

you still around that same area we met Fuz?

More than likely it will be wiped. It was wiped 3 times in one day so don’t expect your stuff to be there. I just hope the lag that is occurring on the server will slow down.

Setting that thing up again. Mainboard/IPMI is a case for RMA and the time was drifting too much on the host. Expect it to be back tomorrow.

Tomorrow as in German time?

I would assume “tomorrow” as in central US time, it being a central US server. :wink:

I’m hoping he means today! :zoid:

Yes. :smiley:

Any ETA on the relaunch of the US Central server? A little excited :wink: