Central USA - Purge Server

This is an open invite to those who want to play the game for fun, exploiters griefers and the like will NOT be tolerated. Server is actively moderated.

What the server is:

Purge server like the movie “the Purge”.

Laws are set in place for most of the time. PVE, (No PVP) no Sleepers and fast craft at times.

Then for 2 hours a week 6-8 Central time (time may be extended) on Thursdays (other times to be added soon) PVP and Sleepers are turned on.

This allows people to do what they what for most of the game but still adds an element of danger.

You still need to be sensible about where and what you build, building a house of windows will get you robbed.

What it is not:

Barrens Chat: diarrhea of the mouth is not permitted. Log in and have fun but be gracious.
NOOB server: This server is here to allow you to get started, not to do it for you. Asking nicely will likely get you help.

Server is** Chicago - Purge**
Come join us!