Centrifuge Catapult

This is an extremely long range catapult (shoots over 30000 source units) with a timed release mechanism


these things are BEAST in game

This is probably more complex than it looks, but it’s way too simple.

Awsome. Amazing release timing. I want a dupe PLZ

You want a dupe of his work, make your own.

Nice job, I was wondering why the prop’s trail kept getting smaller and smaller, but I guess it was the lag or something

Have an explosive barrel spawner spawning barrels at the bottem and a graber on the end of the catapult. As it turns it picks up a barrel ignites it and throws it, see how fast it can throw them. Make it so you can control it also range and aim.

Yeah right, the engine can barely handle the release at this speed, let alone grabbing something and releasing it a split second later.

as unrezt said the engine can barely handle it at these speeds, although i am planning on adding changeable range and aim

yea, its lag caused by the engine because it can’t handle the speed at which these spin at well

I tried making one of these which released the load when a gyro went to the right position but I don’t think the game is fast enough to do it. :frowning:

well, it helps if you have jinto’s physics mod which allows you to raise the maximum speed limit in source.

We made ours so when rpm is more than 250~ it starts asking if the gyro is at the right angle, it probably takes 5-10 revolutions before it finally finds the angle it wants.