Cerberus behind terrorist attacks

First serious pose. I hate the electricity on it though. Please C&C


Can’t see shit.

The link doesnt work. Just post it using the pictur ability in th post/chat boxes like everyone esle…

Fixed it, excuse my noobieness

It’s still broken. Put the image in the ‘Public’ folder, right click and do ‘Copy public link’ since you’re using Dropbox.

Thanks I appreciate that. Better?

it’s not too bad I guess, but definitely not thread-worthy. your posing is okay, albeit quite stiff, but you mispelt “attacks” as “attackes” and the lighting is very bland.

Not shabby, for a first attempt (I hope). Take this optimistic.

It’s very…


You spelt “believe” and “attacks” wrong, you might want to double check things like that on your next picture, just in case.

Also the multicolored light on the wall is a bit, random.

Other than that…not bad for a first!

Wow I feel stupid. I’ll work on my spelling. My grammar and brain no work good when im out of school. The lighting was suppose to be future city lighting. Thanks for all the input though, I will work on it.