Cerberus Conspiracy

I’ve been trying to get back into posing and comic making, which is proving to be difficult. I have a folder full of poses. I can’t edit how I like them so I might just post them raw and unedited in the future.

The picture comes from an idea I had of Mass Effect where Shepard sacrificed himself aboard the Collector Base, allowing his crew and companions to escape. Now, as the Reapers begin invading Miranda sees the Illusive Man reshaping Cerberus into something sinister. So she begins assembling allies (Among them General Petrovsky, Jacob Taylor, Randall Ezno, and other people with waning loyalty to the Illusive Man) in an attempt to lead a coup on Cerberus. They try reaching out to Kai Leng but his loyalty remains to the Illusive Man and thus he begins hunting them down.


I like the colors and the editing in general. Those models turned out nice as well.

Also is he attempting to hide his sword or is that some fancy, formal way he enjoys holding it?

Oh wow, this is a pretty interesting idea, very good work ^^

Whoa, Ben Wolfe outta fuckin nowhere.

Looks really good!

Also, you don’t happen to have a link for Petrovsky?

Woah, dem colours, looking good.
Nice to have you back!

Mostly ingame really. Slapped on a filter to give it a deeper hue.

It’s in this pack here:

I’m going with a little bit of both. :v:

Speaking of comic making, do you have any of your old stuff still around, Ben_Wolfe?

It’s on my Dropbox, not sure if the threads still work at all. I might post it for old time’s sake. Hopefully inspire me to get started again. I have been having a few one-shot ideas, I’ve just been too lazy to go through the effort. :v: