Cerberus dreamers

Well, I asked a really nice guy on Deviant art to help memake the hecu easier to pose, so he gave them enhanced citizen pyhsics-making them floppy. But it is sooo relaxing to know I can ACTUALLY pose them.
SO I posed a group scene where they are all based on their Cerberus cousins.


Gaskmask grunts black and white are based on the Assault trooper (but no silly SMgs), the Beret Marine is based on the Centurion, the goggled MArine is based on the Guardian, the Engineer is the one at the controls of the Atlas (why not have the guy who REPEAIRS stuff driving it?), so it could slef repair, and the Hunter is based on the Phantom.


It looks decent, in my opinion it’s not really threadworthy.
Posing is good but it feels a bit empty.

Just keep practicing and you’ll get better.

Thank you for the words of encourgement.