Certain classes destroying the whole game?

Ok, Well I seem to be asking a lot of questions on this because I seem to be getting alot of problems with it, But is there some reason that this class…

[lua]TEAM_TERRORIST = AddExtraTeam(“Terrorist”, Color(137, 155, 94, 255), “models/player/t_phoenix.mdl” [[You are a terrorist, Your job is
to terrorize the office, Be careful though for you never
know when swat might be called in to take care of the
problems you have created.]], {“weapon_glock2”}, “terrorist”, 2, 10, 0, true)[/lua]

Seems to destroy my darkrp edit, Along with these two classes…

[lua]TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam(“S.W.A.T”, Color(14, 126, 70, 255), “models/player/ct_urban.mdl”, [[You are the S.W.A.T, Your job is to
protect the office from the terrorist. Although
the ammount of swat may be low, That doesn’t mean
they don’t do well. DON’T ABUSE.]], {“weapon_deagle2”, “unarrest_stick”, “door_ram”, “weapon_m42”, “weapon_pumpshotgun2”, “weaponchecker”}, “swat” 1, 30, 0, false, true, TEAM_POLICE)[/lua]

[lua]TEAM_CELL = AddExtraTeam(“Cell Leader”, Color(97, 111, 66, 255), “models/player/t_leet.mdl” [[You are the leader of the Terrorist Cell,
Your job is to make sure that they
work together and that you can get the job done.
Be careful, Bounties are high for you.]], {“weapon_deagle2”, “unarrest_stick”, “lockpick”, “weaponchecker”}, “cell”, 1, 15, 0, false, true, TEAM_TERRORIST)[/lua]

I have all my other classes working, These three just seem to destroy the whole gamemode.

With Cell and Terrorist, you’re missing a comma after the model.

With swat, you are missing a comma after the “swat” bit ( after the weapon loadout bit ).

First class: you forgot the comma after “models/player/t_phoenix.mdl”.
Second class: you forgot the comma after “swat”.
Third class: you forgot the comma after “models/player/t_leet.mdl”.

This is just debugging. If there’s anything you should take away from your lua learning experience in DarkRP “edit”, it’s how to debug. Remember that every table needs a comma, all functions and statements need an end, and you compare things with two equals.

Thank you, I guess I couldn’t notice the lack of commas :stuck_out_tongue: