Certain Ep2 Particle Effects not working

Okay, so here I am in a game. I’m shooting a part for a video that I don’t plan to release, and so I need an explosion (exsplosion_silo, to be exact.) So I take out my info_particle tool, and set a point for it. I press my key, nothing happens. I check the console, and it tells me it’s trying to create an unknown particle effect. Other Ep2 particles (well, most of them) work just fine, I do have Ep2 install + mounted.


Check the PCFs.

Where, GMod or HL2?

Have you ran EP2 at least once?

If he hadn’t, none of the effects would have worked.
However, he may need to play that level to make sure he has the file, and Steam didn’t misinstall.

God, it is simply because… they don’t exist? The list he used is really, really old. Most of them are surely faulty and got removed from the game or w/e

I know silo_explosion still exists, I’ve seen it used in recent vids. No, I haven’t run EP2, but other Ep2 effects work, e.g, Aurora, certain Silo choreagraphy (smoke and jet from rocket) and others, but some don’t work.

Have you actually gone into the PCFs and checked that it exists? the particle effect name?

Okay, I checked all the HL2 related GCF’s, and some other SDK and source stuff in the GCF’s, but some I don’t have in any of them work, but some don’t. I didn’t find silo_explosion, the one I’m looking for.

Anywhere else to check? If not, can somebody upload the PCF?