Certain experimented players have access to lua files

Hi, a player send me a message with my cl_hudreplacement.lua and other lua files
How they can steal my files ? All my addons is verified…
He is not admin or other access
He tell me he is a Lua Dev’
I questionned this guy to know how he can do that…
He don’t want to answer me

Please help me, i have a big community (French server, so sorry for my english xD)

Thanks a lot.

In case you didn’t know, clientside files are sent to the client ( Hence the name CLIENT SIDE ) in order to be able to be ran on the client, same as you get your PC shipped to you in order to use it when you order one online.

Okay, and where i can see my client files is sended ? What folder, how they do ^^ ?

I added you on Steam (I am Bull), I can describe to you in depth there how he did it and how to avoid it.