Certain M9K weapons not working with TTT

So today i was working on a TTT server setting gun spawns, after about 1 hour of setting gun/ammo spawns i go to test it and to find that some M9K guns i couldn’t pick up… But most of them worked fine!

Please help!

Gun spawns data:http://pastebin.com/cp2ScmLu
Tool gun edit to add M9k weapons:http://pastebin.com/7w43rMZG

Ehh if i’m not mistaken but doesn’t all guns in TTT need to use the ttt bases? (If they did manage to work, TTT uses a slot system, for a example a magneto stick for slot 2, crowbar for 1, a special gun might take slot 7 etc. Most likely the slot is already tooken?)

Yeah, i already knew about the slot system, it’s just some M9k guns i can’t equip and some M9k guns let me have 2 primary weapons at one time… so weird

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Nevermind all m9k guns don’t work now.

Must’ve be TTT’s base. You must’ve been mistaken about picking up some m9k item’s/gun’s.

Its not the base, its your code. When youre moving M9K weapons over (unless you really know what you’re doing) use the tttbase. Basically copy the default M16 code and modify the values like the model path, sounds, damage, etc.

I thought all the guns need to use a ttt base, otherwise you couldn’t pick them up? Also most likely he has not changed the base^.^

You don’t always have to use a TTT base. The bases can be configured to work correctly with the TTT base but don’t necessarily have to derive from it.

The main issue here is that you aren’t setting the weapon kind:

-- Kind specifies the category this weapon is in. Players can only carry one of
-- Matching SWEP.Slot values: 0      1       2     3      4      6       7        8

Add these into the shared.lua or whatever file the SWEP is in. Change the Kind accordingly. (Equips are for T/D weapons)