Certain Prop Addons are not working.

//Back Story Not Important I am working on a Star Wars RP server and have coded on TTT before but never an RP server. Although I don’t own the servers I am the only one with coding experience in multiple different languages. My friend owns the server and told me he was making a Star Wars RP server, which I have never played,ad asked me to code it. I was asked to install a few add-ons, mainly the Mass effect 2 prop Add-ons. //Finished

I installed the mass effect 2 add-ons and for some reason although they are in the “q” menu, when clicked they don’t spawn. No errors show up or text on the screen. I have searched through and cant find any information regarding this matter. The normal props work and all the other add-ons work so I cant figure out what it is that makes this add-on not work. I have also mounted the mass effect 2 add-on and that hasn’t fixed the problem.