Certain weapon models cannot be interacted with

I am a manager on a nZombies server (gamemode by Alig96) and have installed custom weapons onto the server. Most are working correctly, however certain weapon models (a thundergun swep, fas2_d2, and fas2_machete) just cannot be interacted with. By interacted with, I mean that if i use the weapon model for an entity (say, a weapon wall buy, for anyone who has played cod zombies before) I cannot press Use on it, cannot move it with a physgun, cannot even delete it because the delete tool can’t hit it. It also can’t be collided with by anything including the world. I was wondering if anyone knows where the problem might be.
I know basic lua and how to edit weapon sweps, but I can’t find any variables in the swep that could be affecting it.

It is a problem with the trigger bounds of those models. I ran into the same problem and fixed it by doing SetTriggerBounds to something bigger than the model on the windup entity.
To fix collisions and stuff like that, you’d probably want to manually change CollisionBounds on wall buys or completely replace the physics to an invisible box around the weapon.

Thanks a lot, that sounds like it could help. Will try and come back with results. Does this mean that most models already have trigger bounds built/coded into themselves?

I’m no modeler, but I’m fairly sure collision meshes are baked into the model. Just mess around with replacing the collision and physics of the models on the entities that won’t work (wall_buys and random_box_windup). Also look at SetSolid to make it a simple box around the model.

Awesome, solved!