Cessna SeaPlane








Contraints = 60
Parented = 390
Props = 21

Space(hold) = Power
Shift(hold) = Stuntmode
W = Dive
S = Lift
A = Turn Left
D = Trun Right
Numpad 0 = Camera Toggle

Credits: Cloud Strife 0 - Floating E2

Download (RightClick - Save Target As…)

Map (gm_reation)

Looks nice. good job only using 21 props.

Awesome! I love you for this plane.

Have a Gaybow!

my ASS that is 21 props. looks really cool. make it rusty :slight_smile:

Please, PLEASE, tell me it can land on water.

21 normal props + 390 parented props.

that makes more sense. 390, holy fucking shit.

Prettyful. Haven’t had a chance to fly it yet but you got my download.

In what map is the third picture?

Amazing. The fort in the background is sweet too. What map is that.

Is this fin operated? This is something my friend and I have been trying to accomplish for at least a month.

Damn looks like a junker


W00t finally posted, Super easy and nice 2 fly … but TURN OFF BLOOM :-p

All four are from gm_reaction. That awesome lake is in the lower right corner facing the mountains from spawn.

What map is the top two pictures from?

Most likely any flatwater map with a small isle built on it.

I don’t get how you download it.

If you use Opera, just right click the arrow and click “Save linked content as…”

Very nice! :dance: