CFG|Door Sharing|Noob Friendly|PvP

Name: cfg|Door Sharing|Noob Friendly|PvP
** Ip:port**:
About: A friendly server with great staff and community.
Location: New York
** Donations**:",
PVP": “There is PVP”,
Beginner-friendly: “Very newb friendly”,
Seeking-admins: “Not at the moment”,
Has-voice-serve: “Yes”,
Crafting-time-percent: “.5”,
Slots: “100”,
Admin-power-usage: “There is absolutely no spawning in items by admins besides of the donation kits, and there is limited spectator-ship of users unless they are accused of using hacks.”,
Admin-usernames: “Obama Mclama and Beatstorm”,
Sleepers: “Yes”,
Airdrop-min-players: “15”,
Mini-games: “Plan To In the Future”,
Site: “”,
: “”,
Server-launched: “1/19/14”,
100 slot server
PvP enabled
Sleepers enabled
Door sharing
Half crafting time
Private messaging
/starter (stone hatchet, hunting bow, sleeping bag, food, bandages every 30 minutes)

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))